How Implementation Consultants helped an insights team deliver 50% faster while saving $1.2M in vendor costs
Success Stories

How Implementation Consultants helped an insights team deliver 50% faster while saving $1.2M in vendor costs

The Escalent team has expanded our ability to provide high-quality, quick-turn insights. The analysts are top-notch, and our project manager is the definition of excellent customer service.

Business Issue

The Insights Team at a Fortune 100 Company needed to move faster in response to competitors and rapidly evolving market conditions.

But their approach to executing market research was burdened by processes that increased costs, extended timelines and demanded too much valuable time from senior team members. They needed a cost-effective, rapid-cycle solution for delivering insights.

What We Did

Escalent boosted the Insights Team’s research capacity with a fully managed team of implementation consultants. We set up a client-dedicated team of 3.5 FTEs to rapidly execute short surveys and deliver insights within a week from the initial request. 

On an ongoing basis, the client-dedicated team reviews and enhances questionnaires, programs surveys, obtains recruiting quotes, oversees fielding, cleans and labels data, performs analysis, and creates storylines. They provide advisory support, suggest research methodologies and analytical direction, and leverage a range of tools (e.g., Qualtrics, Cint, Toluna, AYTM, PureSpectrum, Voxpopme, Hawk Marketplace). 


  • Reduced project execution time by 50% by fielding surveys within 24 hours of receipt of questions
  • Saved the client $1.2M in annual vendor costs in 2022
  • Field ~80 surveys annually, ranging from concept tests to message testing and from UX research to exploratory pricing studies
  • Improved data quality and analyses
  • Boosted organizational satisfaction with the Insights Team
  • Freed up time for the client’s core team

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