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Giving Back to Insight Community Members

November 18, 2021
Author: Vivek Amin
Giving Back to Insights Community Members

While the US is just gearing up for the holiday season, back in India—my home country—the festivities have already kicked off earlier this month with Diwali, the festival of lights! Though Diwali is rooted in Hinduism, the holiday goes beyond religion, bringing together people across a large, diverse nation. Folks come together for doing things big or small and part or whole such as lighting lamps, bursting crackers and having friends and family over. But the one tradition that captures the true essence of this holiday every year is sharing. We share joy through boxes of mithais (sweets) with not just our loved ones but extend it to our close communities as well, including those who help make our daily lives run more smoothly. While as a kid, I consumed mithais with gluttony, but in time, the sweets’ deeper meaning dawned on me. These tangible boxes of sweets are a means of expressing the intangible feeling of gratitude for a person. This giving back in even a small way on such a special day makes Diwali even more inclusive, fostering a sense of community.

In the same vein, giving back to Insight Communities members is as important as drawing insights alone. This is especially true in the wealth and institutional industry, where time is scarce for financial services professionals. It is essential to consider what’s in it for them beyond the monetary benefits alone to make actively participating worth these professionals’ time. You can give back to this community to make community members’ experience more rewarding by offering them:

  • Exclusive content. Giving community members access to knowledge-sharing tools not only keeps them engaged but enriches their practice as well. Brands should consider offering exclusive content such as hosting webinars on relevant topics as voted by community members vote for, early access to thought leadership and white papers, and marketing materials that can be shared with clients.
  • Access to experts. Financial services professionals are always looking for opportunities to interact with experts such as portfolio managers, economists and senior leadership for firsthand understanding of their perspectives on different subjects. Creating a feasible solution to engage in dialog could cultivate more substantial interest in becoming part of an Insights Community.
  • Networking opportunities. Enabling community members to periodically interact and share their approach on pertinent areas involving their practice could help funnel best practice approaches that contribute to the individual and collective success of the community.

Communities need to be a two-way street. Firms that go the extra mile to include some of these facets of sharing in their Insights Communities approach will nurture a stronger sense of belonging and appreciation among members, which will in turn deliver more robust insights.

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Vivek Amin
Vivek Amin
Vice President, Financial Services

Vivek is a vice president in the Financial Services Research division at Escalent. He has since expanded this knowledge and now leverages his nearly 10 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research to assist clients with customer satisfaction issues, brand equity measurement, marketing communications and market segmentation. Vivek holds a B.COM and M.COM degree in Accounting from the University of Mumbai, India and a Master of Business Administration from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina – concentrations in International Business and Marketing Analytics. He is a soccer buff and likes to travel to Europe every year to watch soccer games live. His favorite team is Manchester United.