Insight Communities

A direct dialogue that provides a clear view into your world.

A brand is an organic, living thing that requires constant nurturing through a dialogue with customers, clients, employees, and the community. At Escalent, we don’t merely recognize this fact. We enable the dialogue in a tangible, actionable way — driving ongoing insight that creates value for the brand and members.

Through our private, online platforms, brands engage with groups of stakeholders to easily draw insight from these members at the speed of business.

Communities range from hundreds to tens of thousands of members. And because every piece of data ever collected is always available, brands are able to iterate their understanding of customer wants, needs, and reactions on an as-needed basis.

Engaging in both quantitative and qualitative activities, members become closer to the brand and feel like “insiders” and “advisors,” while brands get answers to business issues in hours or days versus weeks — at a fraction of the cost of more traditional ad hoc research. This two-way engagement is at the heart of loyalty and advocacy, which, over time, provide measurable ROI for brands.

Escalent brings you the power to get closer with your stakeholders. All the while, providing you with the power of their wisdom, their insight, their desires, and their opportunities. We’d love to put the power to work for you.

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