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7 Signs You Need a Dashboard Strategy

October 3, 2020
Author: Melissa Bane
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Dashboards consolidate and organize vast amounts of data. They’re like the ‘clutter busters’ of the data world. Dashboards are simple and powerful information management tools that allow you to access all of your data, all in one place. They keep you organized by making it super easy to collect, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources.

With a dashboard, you can easily create graphs, charts, and other powerful data visualizations that simplify complex analysis. You won’t overlook a vital insight buried somewhere in a spreadsheet. You won’t miss a trend or overlook a pattern because it’s all there, at your fingertips.

Too much data clutter in your life? Here are seven signs you might need a dashboard strategy.

1. Getting Data is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Often companies are decentralized. Teams work in silos, so information is spread across the organization. Is finding data within your organization as daunting as finding a needle in a haystack?

You need a dashboard strategy: With a dashboard, you will have all your diverse data sources integrated in one place. Getting a hold of all important KPIs will be easier than ever.

2. You’re Trapped on the Data Fetching Hamster Wheel

Many of us struggle with wrangling the latest numbers and analyzing them per requirements. Same request, different day. Over and over again. The data is often all over the place, which means a repeated scramble to find what’s needed.

You need a dashboard strategy: With a few clicks, a dashboard will source, transform, and slice and dice your data so you can quickly find answers and insights.

3. You Spend Too Much Time on Charts and Slides

Bringing insights to light through visualizations is critical. However, many of us spend more time crafting PowerPoint charts than on valuable storyline and insight development. Do you want to spend less time visualizing data and more time thinking about the implications?

You need a dashboard strategy: A dashboard is a powerful data visualization tool. It does all the work for you. Get all the charts, graphs, tables, and maps you need so you can focus on strategy and storytelling.

4. There are Too Many Versions of Reality

With different datasets throughout your organization, you have no singular source of truth. What is reported by one function does not match what is shared by another. This confuses your ability to see reality and act on it effectively.

You need a dashboard strategy: Integrating all your datasets into one validated and approved source of data will provide clarity and reliable insights.

5. You Need Multiple Reports for Different Audiences

Your audiences’ needs are vastly different. They want to see the data from different angles. What is critical for one is not for others. You need a way to filter, cut, and slice data in multiple ways. Do you wish you could easily customize reports for all?

You need a dashboard strategy: With interactive dashboards, customized reporting is simple. Users can manipulate the same live data to get the precise information they need and filter out what they don’t.

6. You’re Growing, But Your Performance Tracker isn’t Keeping Up

Many companies are expanding fast. Whether through adding new markets, acquisitions, or innovation, expansion means increased KPIs to monitor performance. If your KPI system is just a series of Excel files, this limits your ability to analyze and drive performance.

You need a dashboard strategy: Flexible and scalable dashboards can accommodate your growing business tracking needs.

7. You Spend Too Much Time Being the Gatekeeper of Knowledge

If you’re the only one who knows how to find the data, then you’re stuck answering urgent data questions, re-cutting the data, or explaining how something is done. Do you wish your stakeholders could access the data directly?

You need a dashboard strategy: Dashboards can be made accessible to all. Anyone can take informed actions anytime and from anywhere (mobile app, email push alerts, laptop, tablet).

Find Out What A Dashboard Can Do For You

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Melissa Bane
Melissa Bane
Managing Director, Europe

Melissa oversees Escalent's European business and is responsible for driving growth for the company's vertical market practices across the region. She brings 25+ years of expertise in marketing, insights and consulting to client relationships and is passionate about growing profitable businesses. As Chief Storyteller and connecter of dots, she helps clients see the big picture and translate insights into action. A former technology entrepreneur, consultant, journalist and marketing head, she thrives in fast-moving, high-growth environments. Her superpower is finding intersection points across industries and mining opportunities therein. Much of her client work focuses on Consumer Goods and Retail and Technology. Based in London, she is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, and unashamedly addicted to travel, yoga, gardening and Mexican food.