Optimizing ROI by evaluating trade partnerships: A destination marketing case study
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Optimizing ROI by evaluating trade partnerships: A destination marketing case study

Our relationship with the Escalent team goes back to 2006 and has grown to where they are a trusted partner we look to for help on projects that influence our strategy, business planning, and marketing decisions. They understand our business and provide the level of insight we need to confidently take action. They are responsive to our changing needs, always meet deadlines and provide insights that are relevant to taking the business of tourism forward.

Business Issue

Amid depleting resources, a destination marketing organization needed to revisit their partnership strategy with the travel trade to realize long-term synergies. It was a partnership network that spanned 15 countries across the globe.

What We Did

We conducted in-depth interviews with more than 100 stakeholders across the travel trade value chain. This included the tour operators, travel agents, airlines, hospitality, rental car companies, guides, excursion/activity providers, and destination management companies. Based on these interviews we developed a nuanced understanding of the travelers’ purchase process. We then classified travel trade partners and identified partnership models and ROI measures for the selection of trade partners.


Escalent created a partnership portfolio based on return on investment. Our research helped the DMO refine their operations model within each target market and allowed them to effectively reformulate their partnership strategy.

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