Fleet Advisory Hub™

Knowing How to Win the Fleet Market Just Got Easier

New tools and technologies are disrupting the commercial and fleet vehicle industry, forcing product manufacturers and service providers to be two steps ahead of their customers’ constantly changing needs. And now you can—by tapping into the expectations and emotions of those who live and breathe fleet.

Introducing Fleet Advisory HubTM—an innovative, cost effective way to secure a substantial portion of your organization’s annual commercial and fleet vehicle insights. It provides access to a large, ever-expanding member base of commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers—currently representing nearly 10,000 businesses that collectively number over 800,000 vehicles—all profiled and ready to share.

Escalent translates their opinions, ideas, pain points, unmet needs, and real-time behavior into the language of product manufacturers and service providers to deliver ongoing, personalized information from members who know the commercial and fleet vehicle industry inside out.

Escalent can help you navigate the deep transformation affecting the commercial and fleet vehicle industry … so you can win.

To learn more about how Fleet Advisory Hub can help your organization, click here.

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