The largest EV study of the next generation of EV buyers. Unprecedented insight.

A new wave of electric vehicles is on the horizon. As is a new generation of EV buyers. Now, you can predict who is going to buy next. And you can know exactly what they want.

EVForward™ is an agile solution that provides unprecedented insight into the attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of a new generation of EV buyers. As the largest market research study of new electric vehicle buyers, it provides the most comprehensive information gathered on this critical audience and delivers in-depth insights on the rapidly developing EV ecosystem.

Combining Escalent’s deep expertise in Automotive & Mobility, Energy, and Technology, EVForward provides a unique point-of-view that does not exist anywhere else in the research industry.

With the help of this first-of-its-kind electric vehicle industry report, Escalent can help you navigate this period of profound disruption to charge forward in ways that reflect the expectations of buyers and the evolution of the EV industry as a whole.

What You Get

EVForward™ offers two components that complement one another:

  • EVForward™ Segmentation & Market Profile: Get our comprehensive segmentation with rich market profile information on the next, relevant EV buyers so you can be in the right place at the right time with the right message
  • EVForward™ DeepDives: Obtain in-depth market reports on key issues impacting the broader, ever-changing EV ecosystem so you can stay one step ahead

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