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Getting Ahead of the Curve: Fleets Prepared for Innovation

May 12, 2020
Author: Lucas Lowden
Getting Ahead of the Curve - Fleets Prepared for Innovation

The future of mobility will be defined by Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharing and Electrification, or CASE—an acronym that has taken the automotive and mobility industry by storm.

Technologies like data analytics, battery electric vehicles, telematics and autonomous driving are set to change the way people interact with transportation, and the commercial vehicle and fleet industry is no exception.

Product manufacturers and service providers must work quickly and remain agile enough to pivot to meet the changing needs of commercial and fleet vehicle businesses—and these future requirements are not what many providers would expect from this monolithic industry. Based on the opinions of fleet operators, the entire industry itself is ripe for transformation.

To help predict the next round of tipping points for commercial and fleet decision-makers, Escalent recently introduced Fleet Advisory Hub™, a tool that explores their needs, expectations and future plans as they continue to evolve in an ever-changing mobility landscape.

Adoption Predictions

A willingness among fleet owners and operators to adopt new and emerging technologies is set to change the face of the automotive and mobility industry, according to the Fleet Technology Index—the flagship tracking metric of Fleet Advisory Hub.

Commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers polled by Escalent demonstrated serious expectations regarding the imminent adoption of emerging mobility technologies. These firms are making preparations to utilize each of the following four industry-shifting technologies over the next handful of years—if they had not already adopted them—including, on average:

  • Data Analytics – within 3 years
  • Battery Electric Vehicles – within 4 years
  • Telematics – within 4 years
  • Autonomous Driving – within 5 years

Furthermore, one-third of these decision-makers envision they will begin adding battery electric vehicles to their fleets within the next 12-24 months (when not already adopted). This provides a significant market opportunity for manufacturers and service providers to support these businesses as they take on electrifying their fleets.

Vast, Dynamic Perspectives

Fleet Advisory Hub offers key insights from a deep and broad array of operators. More than 7,000 active fleets are represented totaling 600,000 vehicles. Fleets range in size, from independent, single-vehicle operators to enormous, nationwide companies with several thousand units.

However, Fleet Advisory Hub is not a snapshot of a single moment in time. Designed to serve as a truly dynamic solution, Escalent will continue to expand inputs analyzed and revise the key takeaways as needed. By the end of 2020 alone, an additional 3,000 fleets will be added to broaden the audience’s insights. Ultimately, clients can be certain they are operating using the latest and greatest available information.

An Array of Insights

Fleet Advisory Hub is designed to help clients identify opportunities, test ideas and optimize new product offerings, such as determining which technologies to implement, in what order, and at what price points.

While Fleet Advisory Hub offers access to rich participant profiling, a one-size-fits-all approach is not always the answer for product manufacturers and service providers making critical and intricate decisions for the next five years and beyond. For that reason, Fleet Advisory Hub allows clients to develop custom queries and surveys to dive into the heart of the opinions that matter to their specific objectives.

Decisions Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

The automotive and mobility industry is changing swiftly and Escalent is here to help. Fleet Advisory Hub and an array of other automotive tools form an ecosystem designed to inform decisions to maximize the accelerating mobility revolution and dominate the future of the automotive industry.

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Escalent | Lucas Lowden
Lucas Lowden
Insights Consultant, Automotive & Mobility

Innovation strategist and business analyst, Lucas has over 15 years of experience in market research and automotive. He is the program lead for Fleet Advisory Hub™—an innovative, cost effective way for companies to secure a substantial portion of their annual commercial and fleet vehicle insights. Lucas has spent significant time working with senior management to frame Escalent's automotive strategy around the next generation of research and consulting solutions. He also led the facilitation of a cross-functional team to develop Escalent's big data and IoT strategy, capabilities and partner network.