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July 19, 2021
We Grow You Win

How our acquisition of Grail Insights strengthens our Financial Services client relationships

It’s been just over a month since Escalent announced its acquisition of Grail Insights from NewQuest Capital Partners, and our teams are already working together to find new and better ways to help our clients. It’s an exciting time to be a part of these teams, with new capabilities, skill sets and growth at the forefront of everyone’s minds. While internally we recognize how this new acquisition will create deeper, more meaningful partnerships with our clients, right now it feels like insider information.

We published a press release to announce to the world that we’ve joined forces to create a seamless flow between primary, secondary, syndicated, and internal business data streams, providing consulting and advisory services from insights through implementation. While exciting, it doesn’t do justice to the excitement our teams are feeling.

I sent around a simple question to the Escalent Financial Services market research team: What excites you about Grail? And within minutes, I got dozens of responses. So just what has us so pumped?

Loribeth McCannLoribeth McCann, Senior Vice President

I’m looking forward to getting a better understanding of how Business Process Insights works. At Escalent, there have been so many times that our clients have failed to get the full value and shelf-life out of the work that we do because they don’t have the resources to implement our advice. I definitely see potential there with several of my clients.


Elizabeth WagnerElizabeth Wagner, PhD, Vice President

I can’t wait to put a greater emphasis on secondary research. I’m interested in how we could leverage Grail’s secondary research chops to better guide our qualitative interviews, giving us the opportunity to focus our time on how existing findings can be translated to the objective and geography that we’re working with and in. We can zoom in on what’s important and what the client can do to help.


Jeremy BowlerJeremy Bowler, Senior Vice President

I’m excited to engage with the consultants at Grail who routinely help their clients navigate market decisions and opportunities. While we have a wealth of experience and primary market research tools on the Escalent “shelf” to draw upon, the Grail team has a proven ability to work with secondary info sources to create meaningful value for their clients.


Kerry BrindKerry Brind’Amour, Senior Research Manager

I’m pretty pumped about Grail’s global reach and presence in so many countries. I think it’ll be incredibly valuable to learn from so many additional team members. It’ll be great to grow, expand and do more international work.


Vivek AminVivek Amin, Lead Analyst

Our team does a lot of international brand work, and we can leverage secondary research from Grail to learn more about the markets, channels, key competitors etc. and bring the same level of consultation that we bring for the US.


What am I most excited about?

  • A bigger team behind us makes us better – our new Grail colleagues bring a new set of skills and complement Escalent’s deep industry expertise.
  • New capabilities that will deepen and broaden the impact of Escalent at our client organizations.
  • A global presence helps us better serve our current clients and expands our reach around the world.
  • Offering implementation services integrates our Escalent and Grail employees into our client teams, creating a stronger relationship and adding incredible value and action to our research and insights.

Want to know more about how we can help your firm? Let’s get some time scheduled, and we’ll chat about all the exciting things that are coming.

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Joshua Franco
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Joshua is the head of Business Development and Sales Effectiveness and leads a team of business development representatives. He leverages 10 years of sales experience and deep expertise in the research industry to serve his clients. Joshua truly listens to each client’s unique needs and challenges to pinpoint the appropriate solution and team to help them move their business forward. He prides himself on his tenacity and ability to deliver value to organizations. Joshua graduated with a degree in business administration from Fisher College in Boston, MA.