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Divisions over Holiday Travel and Gatherings in 2021 Fall Along Generational Lines

August 10, 2021
Escalent - Divisions over Holiday Travel and Gatherings in 2021 Fall Along Generational Lines

Excited for a little travel to go with your holiday shopping this year?

Not so fast.

Despite the moratorium on travel last year and the eagerness many feel to get back on the road, grandma may not be calling to ask for a holiday visit this year, either. What’s more? The kids may not want to go. While Millennials and Gen X grow restless, significant disagreements over whether families should get together this holiday season exist along generational lines as Gen Z and Boomers are reluctant to travel or take part in holiday gatherings.

Our latest Consumer & Retail study, Sink or Soar During the 2021 Holidays: Redefine Your Brand and Gain Market Share, provides a close look at the trends that will define the crucial 2021 holiday shopping and travel season. When it comes to travel, it’s the kids and grandparents who are least likely to want to get together, while parents may be eager to get out and see family and friends.

Escalent - Consumers' Anticipated 2021 Holiday Activities

Older generations are particularly cautious about declaring the pandemic over—a sentiment which is likely to be reinforced as new restrictions take effect in response to climbing case counts around the country. These consumers won’t jump back into pre-pandemic activities lightly.

Travel and tourism and adjacent companies need to be ready for anything this winter, but should avoid treating 2021 as a “post-pandemic” holiday season. With families making plans now and keeping the emerging Delta variant in mind, they will expect and prioritize flexibility, such as easy cancellation options or the ability to rebook quickly and near their travel date. The brands that offer these options—along with reasonable prices and safety measures that keep travelers comfortable and confident—will emerge as the winners of the 2021 holiday season.

To learn more, click the button below to download the full report and arm yourself with the tools and strategies needed to win during the critical holiday season. Looking for more catered advice or want to know more about your specific customer base? We can help with that, too.

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