Kat Waller

Kat Waller, Moderator
Kat Waller
Moderator, Qualitative

Kat is an experienced qualitative strategist and moderator who is dedicated to Escalent’s Financial Services team. Prior to joining Escalent, she was fully immersed in ethnographic fieldwork among specialized populations. Her Escalent career has added even more specialized populations to her list: financial advisors, consultants, plan sponsors, end investors, and banking and credit card customers, to name a few. Kat is adept in ethnography, in-depth interviews, online bulletin boards and focus group moderation. She is also skilled in back-end narrative analysis and consultative reporting that always has its eye on making a real business impact for her clients. Her passion for uncovering qualitative insights and business strategy carries through in her work in Financial Services. Kat holds a BA in sociocultural anthropology and a master’s of science in medical anthropology from Boston University.

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