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Dania Rich-Spencer Speaks About “Multicultural Auto Buying During COVID-19”

May 26, 2020

Escalent Automotive & Mobility Vice President Dania Rich-Spencer was a speaker on a virtual panel hosted by Blended Collective on May 20, 2020 about how the pandemic has impacted the global automotive industry and multicultural buying behavior.

Dania shared our recent research findings about how vehicle sales have been impacted during COVID-19 and discussed the effects on purchase behavior of multicultural audiences alongside Marc Bland, chief diversity officer of IHS Markit, and Roman Fernandez, senior consultant with Roland Berger. Throughout the discussion, the panelists addressed the opportunity for OEMs to target women across certain multicultural groups—such as the African American audience—although the data show females as highly involved in the decision-making process. As the conversation continued, they also importantly discussed what auto brands can do to best navigate this situation.

The event was supported by the German American Business Council of Michigan.

Lydia Michael, President & Owner, Blended Collective

Marc Bland, Chief Diversity Officer, IHS Markit
Roman Fernandez, Senior Consultant, Roland Berger
Dania Rich-Spencer, Automotive & Mobility Vice President, Escalent

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