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Financial Planning & Analysis

FP&A solutions for data-driven business leaders

Imagine full visibility of your business, clear financial reporting, and organized data instead of a firehose of disparate data streams. Then imagine having all that without a complex technology overhaul. Finance decision-makers need an FP&A process flow that drives action. Not more software. That’s where we come in.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Take control with FP&A analytics

Every business is its own animal, with a multitude of factors that impact the bottom line. But there’s one thing finance units, FP&A teams, and C-suite decision-makers have in common. They need transparency on their business to perform accurate FP&A forecasting, financial scenario analysis and financial health measurement of their organization.

Escalent’s expertise in data analytics provides technology-agnostic alternatives to the data firehose. We help Finance and FP&A teams reach their business goals by taking data from varied sources—be it ERP systems, vendor data, or finance and accounting data lakes—and integrating it. We centralize, automate, and make sense of finance-critical data coming from multiple locations, internal and external.

Customized FP&A analytics, not a software subscription

We’re big believers in FP&A best practices. And we’re also acutely aware that the FP&A systems and processes that work for one organization won’t work for everyone. That’s why we start every FP&A engagement with a comprehensive needs assessment. Where do data reside? Are there inconsistencies that call for data cleaning? Who relies on the data; when do they need it, and in what format?

Our solution is simple: a crack team of data analytics experts structure, model, and bring your data to the surface, using the technology and systems you already have in place. Get FP&A analytics and data integration solutions that work for you.

Elegantly integrate all your data into a dashboard for 24/7 visibility. Get standardized reporting at a cadence to meet your needs, whether it’s a discrete project or ongoing FP&A support.

See your business and move forward with confidence.

Ask about our data analytics and FP&A solutions to support financial management decisions.

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