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Opening Closed Doors with Role Play

There are some doors in life that are hard to get behind for researchers—the exam room, financial transactions, counseling scenarios… Due to regulations, privacy, and ethics, conducting primary, contextual research in certain spaces requires effort and cost that makes them impractical. However, there are significant insights to be gained through the conversations that occur there. Pharmaceutical clients need to understand how physicians interact and describe complex medications to their patients. Financial institutions want to know how advisors are making recommendations for client portfolios. Public health organizations need to understand how at risk populations are being counseled about specific issues. And that is where we can and should be leveraging role play! Learn how to develop role play research, create scenarios, build characters, hire & train actors, and get behind those closed doors to uncover valuable insights. We’ll also discuss the future evolution of role play with the advances in augmented and virtual reality.

Presenter: Elizabeth George, Director, Escalent
Date: January 30–February 1, 2019
Location: Savannah, GA



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