IIeX Health 2019

IIeX Health 2019

Behind Closed Doors with Role Play

There are some doors in life that are more difficult to open—particularly when it comes to healthcare market research. When compliance challenges, logistics and cost make in situ observation of HCP-patient conversations unattainable, role-play can open the door to critical insight into the conversations that happen in the exam room.

This presentation will introduce the depth that role-play can deliver, when it is an appropriate methodology to use and how best to prepare researchers, actors and respondents. Using an oncology case study, you’ll go behind the curtain to understand how to leverage this methodology.

Top three takeaways:

  • When Role-play Becomes Relevant: While not a methodology to answer every healthcare research objective, you will understand examples of when and why it should be considered.
  • How to Prepare for Role-play Research: More than a discussion guide is needed to execute this research—the research team needs to align on the “conversation” to be explored, actors must be trained for their role, and respondents must be prepared for an unconventional research activity.
  • What We Get Out of Role-play: The insights gleaned from role-play can become foundational knowledge to inform product positioning, educate patients (and HCPs) and offer a glance at the conversations that drive treatment selection.

Presenter: Elizabeth George, Senior Qualitative Researcher, Escalent

Date: June 3-4, 2019

Location: Philadelphia, PA



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