Jill Colley, PhD

Jill Colley
Jill Colley, PhD
Vice President, Marketing

Jill brings 20+ years of marketing mojo to Escalent. Her passion is connecting people with brands through storytelling. She believes content should go down easy and stick to your ribs. After a decade on Madison Avenue as Chief Strategy Officer for a DDB agency, Jill got the travel bug. Her eclectic background includes global trend tracking with a London-based creative agency, creative adaptation with a Czech localization group, and ethnographic fieldwork with Swedish preschoolers. (Ask her about that one!) Before joining Escalent, she built a marketing function from the ground up for a global strategic consulting firm. Jill is a RIVA-trained moderator and a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and the University at Buffalo. She currently lives in Japan.

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