Using segmentation to understand needs, remain relevant, and attract new members

Their team went through great lengths to quickly and thoroughly come up to speed on our unique business needs and then executed a complex series of studies that led to a data-driven and thoughtful market segmentation. Their work put hard data behind trends that we previously just intuited and provided our leadership team with valuable new business insights.

Business Issue

A well-known American labor union that represents a diverse group of specialized individuals was experiencing a decline in new membership enrollment. They wanted to better understand these new, aspiring professionals, what drives their decision-making for joining or not joining the union, and their overall perceptions of the labor union. They wanted to use this information to update the ways in which they attract new members and remain relevant to professionals in today’s market.

What We Did

Escalent designed and implemented a multi-phase study to thoroughly understand these professionals. We began with a series of qualitative interviews to gain an understanding of what drives these individuals, their needs, and desires. Diving deeper with an online quantitative study, we paired the data with the qualitative learnings and uncovered statistically differentiated and evocative segments. Finally, we brought the segments to life by meeting with professionals representing key segments for in-person interviews at their homes to more closely understand their motivations, aspirations, values and opinions of the labor union.


To showcase the target segments for the labor union, we presented an in-depth report and video that brought the segments to life in great detail. Then, we provided our client with insights and recommendations on how to best tailor their messaging and offerings to reach and meet the individual needs of their target segments. Impressed with the depth, breadth and quality of our segmentation, the labor union used our findings in strategic planning to improve new member recruitment and union membership communication.

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