Using innovation to improve the business of a global restaurant brand

Business Issue

A global quick-serve restaurant approached Escalent after experiencing a significant decline in perception and customer traffic. The company was interested in revitalizing its offering by generating a selection of innovative ideas for its menu. The ideas needed to connect with customers in a way that elevated its brand to “easy choice first” status for consumers.

What We Did

We began the process by screening consumers and identifying those who can spot needs and opportunities for innovation. We then conducted in-person group sessions with these individuals to help us identify what made meals memorable and invoke connections. Following the group sessions, we conducted online ideation sessions with a select group of creative minds, who helped us generate more than 1,000 ideas for new menu options.


After reviewing all 1,000+ ideas, Escalent found the common themes driving the ideas and produced 20 relevant, thoughtful and innovative concepts for the restaurant to review. The brand was extremely pleased with the results and is currently testing 10 of the 20 ideas with guests.

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