Helping a premium appliance brand keep its leading edge with thoughtful innovation

Business Issue

A global, upscale appliance brand needed to update and innovate its brand in order to maintain its leading-edge status. The company approached Escalent for help with generating new and innovative product concepts that address critical jobs-to-be-done.

What We Did

We started the process by screening and identifying Lead Users—consumers who can spot appropriate needs and opportunities for innovation. We had the Lead Users complete a variety of in-home assignments and then take part in a series of group discussions to pinpoint issues and challenges across four major appliance categories. We then launched a co-creation session involving client stakeholders and a smaller selection of highly innovative consumers to generate more than 650 strong ideas for future appliance features and functionality.


Escalent identified 15 promising innovative solutions after working with the client to evaluate and submit each idea to a series of tests to measure strength. Each idea had a unique benefit or quality designed to help the client provide new and attractive product improvements to target unaddressed jobs in the household. The client was very pleased with the results and incorporated all of the ideas into its current product road map.

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