Going beyond path to purchase to understand the consumer journey

This is the most impactful piece of research that we have…we have so many insights coming out of this, that it will inform our plans this year…and beyond.

Business Issue

A global consumer packaged goods manufacturer wanted to optimize its marketing spend, increase brand penetration, trial and usage, and encourage conversion and switching across multiple product lines. The company sent its RFP to 80 companies in North America to find the most creative solution. Escalent’s approach, which was created and refined using our own research dollars, was chosen as the clear winner.

What We Did

We developed a layered approach using advanced reporting and ethnographic and quantitative tactics to document and validate consumers’ journeys. This multi-phased, participatory research program, implemented in multiple global markets and across target cities, combined social media analytics, passive metering, self-state reporting, in-home ethnographies, eye tracking-assisted shop-alongs, advanced quantitative analytics and data sciences.


For the first time, the client could confidently answer, “Where can our brand have the greatest impact along the consumer journey?” The research defined key moments that matter with its constituent triggers and touchpoints, and discovered global efficiencies to build brand value. It was also delighted with additional benefits, including internal consistency, a global vocabulary on this topic, greater marketing alignment and improved efficiencies across the board. The client considers this research to be groundbreaking, and has socialized it throughout the organization.

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