Driving consistent service to improve customer satisfaction & revenue for a large retail chain

Business Issue

A large retail chain was worried that the value of its brand was being damaged by inconsistent service across store locations. It needed to identify and improve the unique mix of service and delivery issues specific to each store to improve customer satisfaction. The retail chain turned to Escalent to ensure that all customers receive the same great service, no matter which location they visit.

What We Did

Escalent implemented a global, point-of-sale customer satisfaction tracking study in 17 countries across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We developed an intuitive online dashboard that gave each store a unique set of “critical service areas” to focus on each month. And we gave customers the ability to request direct contact to resolve their service issue. The store managers performed timely customer follow-ups, which were tracked to ensure that all customer contact requests were resolved.


Our client experienced a significant lift in customer satisfaction and revenue. After identifying high-performing locations, Escalent made them mentors for the other stores, providing specific and timely feedback to low-performing locations. Over the course of the project, we reduced the gap between the locations, and the lower-performing stores started catching up to their higher-performing counterparts. This, in turn, increased the consistency of service across all store locations and raised the value and impact of our client’s brand.

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