Converting a paper-based tracking study to a postcard-to-online methodology

Business Issue

A leading infant nutrition manufacturer had been conducting a brand usage tracking study for 25 years using the same approach—sending new moms paper-based surveys every few months for the first couple of years after the baby’s birth. The paper-based solution was very expensive and inefficient, leading to declining data quality coinciding with escalating costs. Despite many efforts, the incumbent supplier was unable to successfully migrate respondents to more efficient online questionnaires. The manufacturer turned to Escalent to innovate the tracking study with a new research methodology that would decrease costs without sacrificing quality or critical data trends.

What We Did

Escalent developed an innovative postcard-to-web methodology to recruit new moms to participate in the research. Further, we designed a mobile-friendly questionnaire that prioritized respondent experience by customizing and personalizing all aspects of the questionnaire. Despite extremely complex underlying survey logic and question design, the experience for the respondents was made seamless, intuitive and enjoyable. All of the underlying data populated a custom interactive portal that serves over 500 users, delivering more than 13,000 monthly reports and unlimited ad hoc reporting.


Escalent successfully launched the new methodology and integrated over 20 years of historical data into the custom portal, thereby preserving critical trends. Increasing completion rates by more than 40% while decreasing costs by nearly 50%, we implemented ongoing improvements to the study within the first year of the project and achieved 10% additional savings passed through to the client. Collecting qualitative feedback from respondents, we confirmed that the overall experience is substantially improved. Altogether, Escalent’s innovation provided the manufacturer with improved data quality and robust confidence in powerful insights.

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