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Blending abundant utility data using Escalent’s Continuous Improvement Cycle™

Business Issue

A large Southeastern investor-owned utility (IOU) wanted to leverage its attitudinal and behavioral customer data. It was looking to blend its traditional market research with behavioral data sources such as CRM, smart meters and use patterns to develop a more holistic understanding of its customers and their behaviors.

What We Did

Escalent developed a Continuous Improvement Cycle™ (CIC) platform to integrate the IOU’s significant data assets. Our platform helps companies better understand what customers are doing, why they are doing it, and how to change their actions. We defined relevant customer data and identified sources of each. A monthly process pulled and delivered client data, and automated QA processes ran on each source to identify anomalies. Transactional data were aggregated and manipulated for analysis. New variables were created, looking at trends over time, comparisons relative to other customers, and combinations of variables. We then integrated survey and behavioral data for a comprehensive, accessible view of customers.


Our client used the CIC results as the foundation for several strategic initiatives:

  • Identifying targets to maximize adoption of offerings such as community solar and EVs (predictive modeling).
  • Determining marketing and touchpoints that best target specific customer segments.
  • Maximizing impact and ROI of research engagements by incorporating behavioral data.

The CIC platform has shortened our client’s timelines for future analysis, saved it money and provided a richer database for analysis.

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