Real world. Real time. True understanding.

Behavioral data are all around us. No longer are you limited by what your audiences say; you can now base your decisions on their actual behavior.

DataDialogue™ is a breakthrough suite of solutions combining the Internet of things (IoT) data collected directly from your consumers’ devices with market research insights to provide an ongoing, contextual understanding of user behavior, product usage, and duty cycles.

The result? A combination of large samples of representative, real-world behavioral data contextualized with primary research data from Insight Communities, mobile applications, surveys, and discussions that make the customer experience spring to life. Simply put, DataDialogue helps explain the “why” behind the data and humanizes the interaction between humans and technology.

Escalent can harness the untapped power of your behavioral data to help shape decisions, build loyalty, and, ultimately, see through the eyes and actions of consumers. Real world. Real time. Real game-changing opportunities.

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